Membership Benefits

The relatively free flowing Missouri National Recreational River supports the livelihood and quality of life for the residents in communities and rural areas along its 100-mile corridor. Being a member of a friends group provides an opportunity for an advocacy voice.

The Friends of the Missouri National Recreational River (FOMNRR) is a non-profit coalition that offers a forum for a wide array of sources to promote the wellbeing and connectivity of the river. The FOMNRR represents a setting for federal, state and local government representatives, conservation organizations, landowners, citizens at large and other stakeholders to share and exchange information on a suite of topics. Sharing joint interests and ties to the river, members of the FOMNRR will be able to discuss and promote ideas ranging from tourism, to increased access, current issues and concerns and beyond. The group shares a common respect and appreciation for the river's natural and cultural integrity. The river holds diverse connections to the individual lives of those who know it, but collectively it unites them. The purpose and mission of the Friends of the Missouri National Recreational River speaks to this end by uniting a wide variety of entities as advocates for the river today and tomorrow.

By becoming one of the Friends of the Missouri National Recreational River, members can take part in a variety of projects and events including:

  • Missouri River Cleanup
  • Educational Festivals
  • River Rendezvous
  • River Boat Days
  • River Tours
  • River Odyssey for School and Community Outreach and Education (ROSCOE)
  • Frost Trail construction and maintenance
  • 40th Anniversary of the MNRR (2018)


Small business owners can view the video below for an explanation of benefits.